Get pumped, its America's birthday! Come join me and other Bay Area GTers for a trip to the Alameda County Fair on the Forth of July!

There will be horse races, PIG RACES, fried everything (though this is California so there will probably be healthy food too). There will be a Hypnotist, and a guy called Tadpole the Clown who fair officials promise me is not a sex offender. They will have all those lame rides that are actually pretty exciting because they are very dangerous. There's a guy who has big reptiles, the site only shows an alligator but I bet he will have iguanas too if that's more your thing.

There will be fancy divers and fire works and guys doing jumps on motorcycles. This is everything that makes America great, so please join me and your fellow Bay Area GTers in wishing America a happy birthday this 4th of July at the Alameda County fairgrounds, starting 11am.