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Bay Area GTers...tomorrow is Batkid's Day!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this post about how the son of one of my roommates in college was getting his Make-A-Wish wish fulfilled by getting to be superhero and saving the day in San Francisco, including stopping bank robbers, preventing The Penguin from kidnapping Lou Seal, and getting the key to the city from Mayor Lee.


Well, tomorrow (Friday) is going to be the day Batkid saves the day in The City. There's been some people stepping up to make it special, which is awesome.

But, I can't make it down south myself. So, I figured, if I can't go myself, maybe I could recruit a couple of GTers who live in the area?

Here's a Make-A-Wish release with some additional details.

There's also this totally awesome Facebook page where you can post a picture with a sign cheering Batkid on.


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