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I need to get out of the house, so I am declaring it Game Day at Wicked Grounds in SF! I'll be there by 5, probably more like 4, toting a collection of 2-player and 4-player games. I have other friends meeting me there and eventually, Cute Boy Person will show up. I will be wearing a shirt with the image in this post (Bohr atom model in dice), which is black. I will try to find tables in the back, past the coffee counter, and I may not be visible from the front room. (The hidden tables are best for game scaling.)

Wicked Grounds is an LGBTQ-friendly, BDSM-themed coffee shop on 8th St just north of Folsom. The coffee shop was designed with the intention of hosting board games, so it has a game collection and only square/rectangular tables. And not that mamby-pamby checkers nonsense; they have Carcassonne, several Dominions, Zombie Dice, Munchkin Quest, and others. Occasionally there is nudity, although today the nudity will probably be confined to the back room, near the massage therapist. Which is probably where I will be.


They stock many teas and gluten-free baked goods, plus they make milkshakes and waffles to order in house. The staff is very friendly (including hosting pronoun questions) and are happy to make food/drink suggestions.

Due to recent parking changes, parking is metered until 6; there is some residential parking nearby on the alley streets. Parking in San Francisco sucks.

ETA: Obvious omission: this is an adult-themed coffee shop with nudity, so it's either 18+ or 21+. I can't recall which.

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