Two very great products, for two very different problems. Both of which I have a need for right now.

Bad news first? I have been keeping up my solemn vow to bike everywhere (that's good news, really), so much so that my ass/inner thigh region is feeling some negative effects. Riding upwards of 15km each day in heat and humidity from hell results in a horrible little heat rash/chafing combination deal that looks similar to diaper rash. It feels pretty terrible, so I bought some diaper rash cream, which seems to be helping pretty decently. Anyone have any good remedies for this total TMI problem? My ass would greatly appreciate any input.

Good news? I have discovered BB Cream, and I absolutely love it. Well, I've known about it for a while, but never bothered to try it. I can't believe the difference in my skin after a single use! I'm a BBELIEVER! Seriously though, my skin tone is miraculously more even. It looks as though I've taken a bunch of time to put on foundation, and it's as easy as rubbing some cream on my face. I wasn't willing to spend a huge amount of money, so I settled on the new BB Cream by Garnier, which was on sale for $16.99CAD. I'm super impressed with my purchase, although I'm worried it'll only encourage my makeup laziness...but let's just call it speedy and convenient. The difference in my skin after one use is amazing; I'd highly recommend it. A great, simple way to avoid leaving the house looking like I just crawled out of my grave. Love it!

But really, I know plenty of you have babies, babies have bums, and baby bums get diaper rash, so I know some of you must have some secret tips and tricks to heal my tush. Please, share.