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TW: Rape

I am sure many here are aware of the rape epidemic in India. Recently the BBC aired a documentary about a gang rape that occurred there, and interviewed one of the perpetrators. The documentary has sparked outrage in India rather than reflection. The film was banned in India and the Indian government has pressured the BBC to remove it from Youtube. There are a few editorials and journalists that are calling for change and there have been some protests. I do not normally read a great deal about India as opposed to other places, so I am not particularly well versed on the situation, but I thought I would share an article and the documentary.

Let's Accept It, We Are Offended By Our Own Ugliness

I have not yet watched the documentary myself, but I hope to have the time to do so today. I would also warn that there is apparently a campaign to have it removed from Youtube. I encountered quite a few dead links to it while I was searching, so I have no idea how long this copy will remain up.


ETA: I watched the documentary. It brought me to tears and although I learned a great deal it was absolutely heartbreaking. The descriptions of the sexual assaults in the film were graphic, so be forewarned before you watch it. That being said, the film does show that there are efforts being made to make changes. So there is some hope for the future.

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