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Welcome To The Bitchery

BC & Boyfriend

A positive weekend, plus transcripts.

Saturday we went to Bright Day. An event that kind of sucked save for the build-your-own-computer section my coworkers were running around in. (we ended up just hanging out there while boyfriends eyes sparkled with amazement at all of these kids and adults pulling apart electronics and putting them together in odd ways, or learning to program, etc. Not too mention the honest surprise that 2 coworkers were volunteering there and another 4/5 came around and that there was no advertisement for our company, that we just did it because we wanted to.) We went to see one of the guest speakers and apparently he was unboxing all these wearables (gadgets galore) and came to one where he past. He held it up and said "this next one I won't put on, it's a lady's wearable, uh not because I don't want to but because it can physically not fit around my wrist."


What was the function of this product? To detect UV and let the ladiez know when they've been sitting in the sun for too long. The following exchange occured.

BC = "...What?"
Boyfriend = "Thats stupid."
BC = "Poor ladiez. They have such a hard time. Lounging around in the sun all day long."
Boyfriend = "Incapable of keeping track of how long themselves."
BC = "Of course it's for the ladiez, they have all this free time on there hands. This wouldn't be relevant for men. They work hard all day in the factory!"
Boyfriend = "The mines BC. In the mines! Where there is no sunlight!"


We stood there snickering and decided to get out of there as to not disturb other guests any further.

Today his friend came over with his 4 year old kid to borrow a game. I mentioned we had no kids drinks in the house and suggested we buy some juice or something.


BC = "hehe ask him how kid likes his coffee"
Boyfriend = "haha okay okay. Hey friend, how does kid like his coffee?"
Friend = "Oh you know, just black, whichever lungo you have is cool for him."

We thought we were VERY clever. Yes okay we are lame.

Another thing I learned = cat-toys are equally entertaining to kids as they are to cats.


Also = cat was extremely curious to this new small human that came over and overcame her shyness and followed him around the house for a bit.

Boyfriend spent much of the weekend coming up with terrible/funny puns. They often succeeded in achieving grins.


On a more serious note. Over the weekend we had 2 talks about the melancholy/sadness/dark cloud that I still feel (it doesn't go away over night) and how I feel like I can't work on that while also working on 'us'. We actually had a really long (drunk) talk about it saturday night which I'm stil surprised about. We've never actually talked this deeply about such negative and strong emotions. It was a good talk.

How was your weekend?

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