My almost-university has done a thing! And it is a good thing!

Given that the Rut faced some issues (paying Snooki $35K to speak, a shooting that prompted the cancellation of Rutgersfest, and countless scandals in the athletics department) while I was off attending a different university, I was not particularly disappointed with my choice to flee my home state.


But I still feel some vague NJ-ish sense of investment in the school, particularly as my actual alma mater didn't have much going for it sports-wise. And now there's something to actual appreciate!

The Glee Club has decided that it's finally time to stop using gendered lyrics like "" My father sent me to old Rutgers/ And resolv'd that I should be a man" in the alma mater (which predates the inclusion of women as students). The issue has been brought up before, but in past debates the power of legacy/tradition has won out over equality and modernization. And so, even with 50% of the student body being female, the lyrics remained. Because male = the norm. And lolz @ da ladies in college anyway, amirite? Aren't they really just there to find boyfriends and make sandwiches? Uh no, that's what Fat Sandwiches are for.

I find it particularly awesome that the Glee Club that fought for the change is all-male. Yay for recognizing male privilege! Obviously it's just one tiny step, but anything that helps normalize equality and break down outdated standards is a win in my book.

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