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Welcome To The Bitchery

Careful making returns in these places they are using a 3rd party to reject returns. Yikes. We are a family of returners. My late grandmother would buy something decide she didn’t like it or fits well then return it. How many times do folks return clothes because they bought it for a family member and it doesn’t fit. Happens all the time.

We have to return pants from Goodwill my mother bought me a pair she said to try it at home now we have to return it. It was 2 inches from buttoning at waist. Makes sense we are there all the time so buy, try it home then return it if it doesn’t fit. My late grandmother also did this in retail stores.


Why risk stepping on a pin in a fitting room. Also I like benches in fitting rooms when trying on pants I fear falling when putting on pants just standing. It’s uber dangerous. You need to be a contortionist.


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