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Be Careful With Caffeine Intake Especially Your Childrens tw death








A teen drank in two hours a McDs Latte, a large Mountain Dew and a 16 ounce Energy Drink. He died due to his heart with caffeine overdose.


Something is gnawing at me with this story. That’s an incredible amount to drink in two hours. I think it was either a dare or he wanted to show off how much caffeine he could take. As a teen no way could I have drank all that in two hours just due to thirst or because of the taste.

If others encouraged him to drink this amount they should be charged with reckless behavior contributing to death. Although unlike booze it would be hard to prove death could be the result.

Also it would appear he drank during class. How? We would never have been allowed to eat or drink in class. Why would teachers allow that today? I understand for medical or during an unusually hot day. If not the teacher should have said “stop drinking or stay after school for detention”. This also could have prevented this death.

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