A few years ago I decided I wanted to reap the benefits of meditation. ALL AT ONCE.

Many people advise you to sit for ten minutes, fifteen minutes daily. But that seemed like too slow for me. So I decided to attend a meditation bootcamp. (they don't call it that but I do because my legs were sore after three days and my mind did a lot of gymnastics before i calmed down and began to benefit)

They asked if you had any medical conditions that prevented you from being able to sit crosslegged. I checked "Cannot sit crosslegged" and was surprised to find they still expected me to sit on the floor (if you have actual medical conditions they did let you have a chair, I just suffered from an inability to open my legs, yes, there is a joke or two in there). Now I can easily sit cross legged which comes in handy in many situations where I would like to sit comfortably on the floor.

After ten days of silence, delicious vegetarian food (better than my poor self could afford!!) and the introspection, I did indeed gain many benefits of meditation and continue to meditate regularly. My health and relationships have also improved (related? I think so, and I have taken many other positive steps after this course).

The teachings were influential. Now I say "So wonderful" often, just like Goenka. I do not have the chants memorized.


I also made some friends on the last day who invited me to an awesome party in the desert.

I highly recommend it. It is well worth it and it is free. And there are retreat centers ALL OVER THE WORLD, there is no sales pitch, just a simple 'if you'd like to donate sure' but it's not like in church where they collect an offering plate (theres no opportunity for people to see if you did or didn't donate). And the rooms are clean, the bathrooms are clean, the environment is clean, healthy, and nice, and if you can't afford the Goop lifestyle, you can definitely afford this simple and practical ten day course.

There is also the movie "The Dhamma Brothers" which is about this meditation technique used in a prison. It is open to people of all faiths as compassion and introspection are universal!


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