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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Be honest with me, GT

Am I overreacting here, or is this dude doing what I think he is? (Note: I've had many men send crypticish messages because it's the only way they think we will respond).

- [Picture and profile redacted because I'm nice] Really? Sent from the OkCupid app 11:53pm


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  • I'm betting that you're the kind of guy who sends cryptic messages to women in the hopes that it will get our attention. Consider mine gotten: you're getting blocked.
  • We're not toys for you to play with, treat us like humans.

For clarification: This is the godknowswhatnumber in a series of OKC messages I've gotten from men who just send me cryptic, vague, or one word messages. They're not interesting enough on their own to send a message that catches my attention, so they hope they'll confuse me into responding. I'm not okay with that. Engage me as a person, or leave me alone.

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