Over on Gawker, Hamilton Nolan's piece about lifestyles and those that peddle them got me thinking.

I, too, wish not to work.

I also wish to continue to acquire money, as well as the goods and services that money can purchase.

How do I bring those two incongruous plans together form maximum profit from minimal effort?

I give to you the first installment of POOG, a lifestyle you can attain through barely trying at all.


Today's post is about the benefits of this lifestyle. I truly enjoy my life. I have a wonderful, supportive husband as well as two amazing kids. I am very lucky. I wake up everyday in a house we can afford with enough clothing and food to sustain us, as well as some luxuries like internet, cable, iphones, etc.

I know. I know. I'm bragging.

How did I get these things? Well it is quite the story, which is why there will be multiple installments.


"Why should I envy and emulate your life?" you may be asking. Because it's an awesome life. I have dogs. That's multiple. As in two. One pit bull and one miniature dachshund. If you follow POOG, you too could be yelling at the big one to, "Get off the damn sofa," and gagging as you shove Pepper through the dog door hollering, "Poop goes outside!"

Be Like Me: Introducing POOG, a Lifestyle for Anyone

I am Marci. I won't stay off the sofas.


Be Like Me: Introducing POOG, a Lifestyle for Anyone

I'm Pepper. One day I will learn that poop goes outside.

But wait! There's more! You can also drive a mini-van around, listening to The Princess and the Frog for the 7 millionth time because you keep forgetting to put a new DVD in the van and your kids refuse to use the headphones.


Stay tuned to this blog for tips and tricks to becoming just like me. An overweight, underemployed 30 something lady with an internet connection. Imagine the possibilities!

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