Nothing gross here- unless you feel weird about joints and stuff.

Just wondering if anyone else has any input. I’m experiencing some pain regularly lately and I’m not sure if I’m just complaining and it’s fine or is it’s something I should be concerned about.

For the past two weeks or so, a lot of the spots around my joints- hands/wrists, ankles, knees..- and my feet.. Are just aching so much. Like nonstop and almost like a throbbing feeling. It’s pretty uncomfortable.


I recently started seeing a physical therapist because of deep pain in the muscles next to the thoracic, or mid region, spine. PT says it’s my thoracic spine that’s very tight which is causing all the muscle around there to squeeze up. It hurts! For over three years. On Friday I went and the physical therapist did these movements in my spine pushing it in really hard. It hurt and I was very breathless and lightheaded afterward. Then I did some foam rolling.

We’ve been moving into our house all week AND I’ve been moving classrooms in my school this week too so it’s a lot of extra lifting and awkward movements.

Is this normal? I’m really uncomfortable. It hurts to walk and stand. When I’m sitting it’s still throbbing. Gah! Pain is so strange. I get self conscious about it- is this a big deal? Should I speak up to my doctor? I got tested for lupus last year cause my mom has it and it came back negative. I’m pretty anemic- iron and b12 deficiency that requires a b12 shot. Does that have anything to do with this? I know anemia is really common, any experiences with it and pain?

I know this is a silly thing to post but I'm just pretty uncomfortable tonight and looking for people also in pain.thank you!