Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sarcasm is my jam. Snark is the best. Everybody (or everybody worth talking to) likes a good one-liner from time to time.

Maybe someone else can explain. What's the deal with having nothing nice to say about anything? Ever. Is that rewarding? Is it ... happy? It seems so lazy. Yes, stuff sucks. Lots of stuff sucks! There's suck everywhere, if you look for it! But looking for it, going out and actively seeking out things to be ticked about ... that's a choice.


Don't get me wrong. Like anyone, on occasion, I like a good bitch-fest. It's enjoyable. It's cathartic. It's healthy! But. BUT! At some point ... doesn't it need to stop?

You want to sit around and whine forever and ever amen, or you want to do something? There's no silver lining? Ever? In anything? Never ever? Everyone in the world is more stupid than you?

Pro-Tip: call a waaaaaaaaahmbulance.

Overwhelming negativity, like total self absorption, is a buzz-kill. Nobody likes it. It makes your life harder. It makes the lives of those within ear-shot harder. It's an overwhelming waste of time, energy, and brain space.

Grow up. Suck it up. Can't find your big kid britches (eventually)? The dog says it best:

Illustration for article titled Be Nice(ish): A PSA

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