It's the most beautiful day the world has ever seen, and I want to open all my doors up while I get work done, and my neighbors who are renovating a house are BLASTING my Least Favorite Kind Of Music: Angry Alternative.

I know a lot of you guys probably like it. Totally cool! But does it have to be at, like, concert-volume?!! I don't even own a stereo that will make this kind of noise. I mean, even with my doors closed it's annoying, but I can play my music and drown it out. But I want to let the fresh air in, and I can't without letting in music that I really hate, at a really loud volume.

This kind of music makes me angry. I think it helps others release rage, but it makes me build it. Haha. I gotta keep things upbeat, man.

Before you ask if I can just go ask them to turn it down, I've literally never met them because they are just house flippers and just bought the house to renovate and (I'm assuming) divide up into apartments. So, despite all your best efforts to convince me, my social habits will prevent this from ever happening. Haha.

So I'm just complaining! Haha.


EDIT 2: I can hear these guys trying to talk to each other, yelling at the top of their lungs, and screaming "WHAT" over and over. IDIOTS. I hope one of my (several) neighbors with small children will want to put them for a nap and will go over there so I don't have to be all grumpy-crotch.