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Bea Arthur's Wookieepedia entry is a thing of beauty

Bea Arthur's involvement in the Star Wars universe is a source of embarrassment for some. Arthur appeared in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special as the night shift bartender for the Mos Eisley Cantina. The Golden Girls this was not.

So the people of Wookieepedia could be forgiven for sweeping this under the rug. But they gave the former Bernice Frankel her due. The bio puts her actual wikipedia entry to shame, including some great quotes from the grand lady herself:


"Shit. I've been around since Christ! What do you need a bio on me for?"

"I was doing it from the heart, and I suddenly realized: Now I know what comedy is. It was such a revelation, it was like—comedy is being terribly serious."

"I worked in so many areas. I mean, I used to get a laugh when I said the only things I haven't done are rodeo and porno."Enjoy.

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