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Welcome To The Bitchery

Beautiful words on romance for your gloomy Tuesday

I've posted about Elodie Under Glass's writing before but wanted to share her recent guest post on Captain Awkward. There's some good advice on flirting as well, but her words on romance made my gray, uneventful morning better:

I may be flawed and terrible, and I may have smashed hearts with my terrible mistakes, and I have made terrible decisions, but I know that I've touched romance. After nearly two years of the science experiment called “marriage” I know the romance in my husband noticing that I am sad and offering to take me to the hardware store. “Would you like to look at the paint chip displays? You love looking at the paint chips.” I'll bundle that up and call it romance: that vulnerability, that caring. That language.


There's more in the full post. Go forth and read.

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