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Beauty and the Beast Dream Casting

So we already have our Belle: Hermione Granger Emma Watson!

The question is, who should play the Beast? Idk what they'll do about his "beast"/ugly stage, but let's assume we're casting our ideal for him in hot human form.

Also, who should be Gaston?

The story is set in France but I am assuming that they will all have American or British accents just bc when do we ever see accuracy in that kind of thing?


My top picks:

Jamie Dornan for the beast. No, not clean shaven and with a fake American accent Christian Grey—scruffy, sexy, and Irish-accented like the Fall (and yes, he plays a creepy evil murderer in that, but he's a good looking guy!). I know that the story is not set in Ireland, so maybe he would have to pretend to have some other accent. Idk.

Chris Hemsworth for Gaston. Large and meatheaded-looking, but charming.

Your thoughts?


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