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Woohoo! I signed up for my first subscription beauty box this month. As many of you know, I loves me some makeup and especially nail polish, so I'd been eyeballing a number of beauty box subscriptions for a while now. Many of them run in the $25-50 range, though, and given my monthly budget for beauty stuff has been around $50 in the past, I felt like it wasn't really a good use of my funds, because there are so many specific things I've wanted—palettes, etc.—that I'd rather just buy what I want than leave it up to chance that I'd find something I wanted in a random assortment of goods.

But now that I have a new tenant, I can spend a little more on beauty goods in a given month than I was able to before. So I decided to take the plunge and subscribe to a beauty box! I looked at a lot of options, but I ultimately chose Llarowe's A Box, Indied. It's on the expensive side ($50 a month), but it's the only beauty box I've found that deals in indie nail polishes. And some of the most awesome polishes out there right now are indie brands, and I don't have nearly enough of them! (Says the person with over 1200 bottles of nail polish. SHUT UP. THEY AREN'T INDIE. OK MOSTLY.)

Anyhow, I got my first box today, and YAY. I am so happy with my decision. The polishes I got were all thematic for November, so I'm assuming that's kind of what to expect on a monthly basis.


Here's the unboxing:

Top left: Outside of box. Bottom: Inside of box, tissue paper. Top right: The cards they included for each of the brands.

Here are the five polishes I got. (By the way, $50 for 5 indie polishes is a pretty damn good deal. Most indie polishes run $7-$10 minimum, and often a bit more than that!)


I'm not great with photography—these were taken on my iPhone and the lighting in my house is always quite yellow, so I used a filter to de-yellow them, but it means the colors aren't very accurate. I just wanted to show what I received, though.


Top left: aMAIZEing by Different Dimenson, a sort of taupe scattered holo color. Top middle: Indian Corn by Dollish Polish, a multicolored glitter bomb in fall tones of orange, red, etc. Top right: Black Friday by Wicked Polish, a black jelly with siver holographic glitter, mostly bar glitter. Bottom left: Fall in New England by Liquid Sky Lacquer, an orange glitterbomb with some green and red hex glitter to look like fallen leaves. Bottom right: Harvest Hayride by Freak Show Polish, a blue matte jelly with fine holo glitter (lots of bar glitter) throughout. Also in that pic you can see my current mani, a skittle mani of textured polishes. They are mostly by Julie G (Frosted Gumdrops line) except for the yellow, which is Lemon Lolly by Nicole. :)

I love them all and I'm so happy I subscribed! If people enjoy seeing these, I'll post what I get every month.



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