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Beauty Guinea Pig (I bought this so you don't have to)

I was shopping at a big box retailer and saw this ridiculous thing.

Reader, I threw it in the cart.

It was mostly impulse, part curiosity, and a little more vanity than I’d like to admit.


The idea behind it is that bombarding your face with infrared light stimulates collagen production and improves the appearance of aging skin. (I’m closing in on forty.)

Having worn it once, it’s a little heavier than you’d think, and feels mostly like someone is shining a light in your face. (Which, I guess they are.) Other than that, it pretty unremarkable, except for making you look silly.

I’m mostly curious to see if it does anything at all, and will update with results, or (I suspect) lack thereof.

Resplendent.husband rightly notes that this is all folly, and thinks it looks like something out of a horror movie. He snapped this pic as proof:


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