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I mentioned a while ago that I'd ordered myself a beauty box. It's a monthly box, not unlike ipsy or similar boxes, but a local variety! Ill share the contents here :)

I was so jealous after the many ipsy/birchbox/etc posts a while ago, I jumped right into our local version : beautybox. When signing up you're asked to set up a profile, filling in things like your haircolor (colored or uncolored) skin tone, etc. You also get to pick 3 preferred themes that you'd like to focus on, you can change all this monthly. I forgot to write up the first 2 months but here is month #3 and I like it!


Opening the package first reveals a nice sleak and softly textured box with a silver shining logo on it. It looks attractive and welcoming. After opening up you're greeted with a card. Every box has a theme of sorts that is reflected in the chosen products and the welcoming note. The card also has some explanations about the enclosed products or samples and even prices (for those who are doubtful it's worth it to spend that money every month). I'd add a photo of it, but since it's all in Dutch, that wouldn't be very interesting ;)

Onto the interesting stuff. What did I get??


1. Full-size Rituals deodorant. Rituals is a Dutch brand that is fairly well-known throughout Europe. I see they have US stores but I'm not sure how easily you'll find it there. Rituals has incredible shower gels, foams, oils, shampoos, body lotions and creams. In general it's soft and smells absolutely incredible. The deodorant smells very nice, a lot better than your drugstore deodorants (I hate wearing deodorant, I think it stinks..)

2. Sabon hand-made soap. I think this is a french brand (nope: tel aviv!) with more impressive soaps and lotions. I'm not a big soapie person but it smells incredible and I'll be sure to try it out. (a tip from the Beauty Box, put it in your clothes closet to give it a great smell, I'll try that out!)


3. An eyebrow kit by BeautyUK. It has some kind of wax, a brush, tweezers and powder. I can't say much about this yet because I haven't tried it yet. But I'll say this. I have very impressive eyebrows without product, I can't imagine what using this must do.

4. Face Mask and Body Lotion by Himalaya Herbals. I've never heard of this brand so I can't speak to it.


5. Alien perfume, a sample and a small empty glass vial to be filled up for free at a drugstore (Thierre Mugler prefers this as they consider it more durable). It's a pretty damn expensive perfume so I'm pretty impressed I get a pretty decent size sample of it!

My opinion? I can't wait to try this stuff out! The beauty box is filled up pretty well and fairly varied. I changed my settings because I didn't really want any extra hair masks and I'm not disappointed! I'm just not that excited about the eyebrow kit. A previous box also had an eyebrow gel and although I like make-up, eyebrow things just don't get my heart pounding. I never would've bought it myself, but I'll try it out.


So that's it!

And for those of you that got this far :

How are your various thanksgivings going?

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