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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Because it's ours, must it be worthless?

A friend of mine shared this piece on Facebook and I thought some of you might appreciate it.

Why apologize for being curious, for wanting an answer to a question that confuses you? Why apologize for giving voice to your thoughts, thoughts you half-strangled as they issued from your lips? Why apologize for being you?


I see this a lot here on Groupthink—"sorry this isn't very good," "I know I just posted but," "I'm not as clever as some of you," etc. I know I do it a lot myself. I apologize for posting more than once in a day, or I preface a post with an unnecessary explanation to keep from seeming frivolous. ("I thought some of you might appreciate it.") I don't even know how many posts I've written and then deleted because "no one really cares, Bonnet." I have several that have been hanging out in my drafts forever because I wrote them but I feel self-indulgent posting them.

(There's also probably a significant amount that can be said here about women and talking—studies have shown that even though women talk less than men in classroom discussions, they're seen as talking more. And plenty of other things I don't know enough about to discuss here.)


Anyway, I'll try not to apologize so much if you will. Our words deserve to be said just as much as anyone else's.

ETA: I'm not talking about apologizing for things that are legitimately worth apologizing for. Are you apologizing for actually being an asshole? Please, continue! Are you apologizing for speaking/existing? You really don't need to do that, and you deserve better than that.

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