Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have massive crushes on all of these three ladies. It started with Hannah, who is my future wife, expanded to include Grace (who is is my spirit guide), and my tri-fold love was made complete by Mamrie.


Obviously, these are not my only YouTubeLoves, but I am spending my evening sipping on my therapist, Jameson, contemplating whether or not to dye my hair red - please feel free to insert your thoughts in the comments below - and watching You Deserve a Drink (YDAD). So many bad puns and delicious drinks! Just don't let me onto the Williams Sonoma website, because I will end up with a monogramed silver cocktail shaker that I probably really do not actually need.

Because my other option was going to the gym, and I've decided that I really do not want to do that today. Cheers!

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