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This week, I want to hear about spooky, creepy incidents that made you lock all your doors and windows, despite there being no clear threat. As usual, I'll get the ball rolling!

One late-summer night when I was still living in Boulder, I was in bed reading, although I was nowhere near being ready to go to sleep yet. It was pretty late, so my housemate was asleep, and the neighborhood was very quiet. Suddenly, I heard the neighborhood dogs start freaking the fuck out. They weren't barking normally, either - the barks ranged in sound from frightened to screaming (yes, dogs can scream. It's not a good thing to hear). Since there weren't a ton of dogs right near our house, I wasn't deafened or anything, and I could hear that the most terror-stricken barks were moving. As though the dogs were responding to something horrifying that was moving along through the neighborhood. I went to my window and looked out, and that was when I heard the whistle. It was coming down my street, and the dog behind us and catty-corner across the street started to utterly lose their shit. The thing about this whistle is that it wasn't loud or shrill at all. It literally sounded like a guy just making a low, slow, even whistle at random intervals as he walked down the street. Also, the dogs weren't responding to the whistle itself - they were responding to whatever was whistling. You notice I say "whatever"; although I could hear the whistle plain as day, I couldn't see anyone. As the whistle got closer, I was suddenly gripped with something bordering on mindless terror, and I knew I had to close and lock all the doors and windows, which I did (the cats refused to go near the windows, by the way). I then sat in my bed, hearing the whistle slowly get nearer, and when it got to our house, it paused outside for two whistles, then it moved on, trailed by the sound of panicking dogs.


What's your door-locking story?