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Because Sometimes There Just Isn't A Good Explanation

Hello again, lovelies! It's time for this week's slightly-belated Scary Things!

This week, I want to hear about something that happened to you that perhaps wasn't too spectacular at the time, but that you simply could not explain, no matter how hard you tried. As usual, I'll go first!

When I was younger, I often stayed at my Grandparents' house. In fact, I stayed at their house almost weekly when I was between the ages of twelve and fourteen. I was already becoming kind of a rebellious monster, but I still loved staying with them, and their house has always been my refuge. I had a guest room that was considered "mine", and everything.


One winter night, I woke up in bed, in one of those awakenings that is very sudden and very complete, but with no heart-pounding or anything. I noticed immediately that I was freezing. I then realized that I was under the covers, despite the cold, and I was laying flat on my back with my arms straight at my sides. I also realized that my long flannel nightgown was still on. I felt oddly held down, and without really struggling or anything, I lifted my head from my weirdly perfectly-fluffed pillows, and looked down at myself to see that the blankets had been carefully tucked around my entire body, over my arms (except where the covers tented to the foot of the mattress from my feet), all the way up to the tops of my shoulders. Shifting enough to lift the covers, I also realized that my ankle-length flannel nightgown was extended all the way to my ankles; anyone who has worn on of these nightgowns can vouch for the fact that they basically instantly bunch up to your knees as soon as you're in bed. My hair wasn't even mussed. I got out of bed, turned on my light, and read until I fell back asleep - confused, but not really frightened or anything.

The next day I asked my Grandma if she had found me sleepwalking and put me back to bed, as there was literally no way I could have gotten myself tucked into bed in the way I found myself, and since I was so cold I must have been out of bed at some point just prior to waking up.

She hadn't. She hadn't heard me move around, hadn't noticed anything odd, and definitely hadn't tucked me into bed. We have never figured out what happened.

What have you tried to explain, without success?

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