Welcome back to Scary Things! Don't forget, this month Scary Things is part of the Trick or Treat tag, which is the easiest way for you to get your Halloween fix! This week has been on the quiet side, post-wise, but Kinja went and changed its entire look and got wasted again, so I think we all understand.

This week I want to hear about a place you didn't like - whether it was truly obviously haunted, or just felt...wrong. A place there was no normal reason to hate or fear, but that you disliked anyway. As usual, I'll get the ball rolling!

During the worst year of my life (which is saying something), I lived on a farm. There were plenty of reasons to hate that place, but there were reasons outside of it being a rundown heap where a hateful relative lived. I found out, later, that a lot of the land around there was considered...not good. Like, locals didn't like to be out in that area after dark, because the whole farm (and a couple surrounding ones) was "bad". Bad in the land itself.

In the year I lived there, I saw everything from ghosts to ball lightning (which was actually neat - that one part I'm actually grateful for), and out in the fields, we would sometimes find tracks that were not right. At night strange noises and threatening figures would appear and vanish. People who stayed in the house had nightmares. My personal favorite? When my uncle and I saw what we assumed to be a feral dog out across a field. It was daylight, although it was a grey winter day. We squinted to see it better, wondering if we should be worried about it heading toward the house (often feral dogs are pretty scary for very earthly reasons), when it...stood up. On its back legs. Then it walked into a clump of scrubby little trees and disappeared. My uncle told me to get inside, fast. I did.


I hated that place.