Welcome back to Scary Things! This post is a little bit special, because in it I tell you about the Trick or Treat tag! Wax-Tadpole had a great idea for bringing the creepy for the month of October; basically, everyone is encouraged to post scary, creepy things as the mood takes them, and use the "Trick or Treat" tag so that all the relevant posts can be found easily! I will post the tag link in the intro of every Scary Things post, as well, so you can have lots of flesh-crawling stories in easy reach! Check there tonight - Wax-Tadpole already has a seasonal post up!

NOW...the topic this week is ominous happenings. I want you to tell us about something that happened that scared you because of what it implies. Something that brings a little whiff of terror despite there being nothing obviously terrifying about it. As usual, I'll get the ball rolling:

About a year ago, I began waking up suddenly from sleep utterly terrified. I wasn't having any nightmares that I could recollect; in one case I did have an image in my head, although it wasn't related to an actual dream. In every case, I fell asleep on the couch with the open window more or less at my feet. I would have the blinds a little back, because the wind would make them clack obnoxiously otherwise. We live on the second floor, and nobody can really see anything in our apartment aside from the ceiling, so I'm okay with the blinds a bit back.

The first time, I jolted awake to see a bright, full moon through the window and the thought was in my head "don't move! if you move, they'll see you! for god's sake don't move! The moon only helps them!". I have no idea what this thought was in reference to, but I did hold perfectly still for a couple minutes until I overcame my terror and got up and closed the window and the blind (before you ask, this was not a sleep paralysis episode. I was free to move, but I refused to do so. Whatever else was going on, I was wide awake). I honestly remained edgy for the rest of the next day, almost feeling like I had a reason for my fear.

A couple days later, I had something similar happen, although there was no full moon this time. I did, however, wake up with an image in my head of a girl with long dark hair and a white robe hovering just below the window where I could not see her, waiting for me to let her in. I had the same conviction that I was somehow in danger, although this time I jumped up and closed the window fairly quickly.

Since then, I have similar awakenings every so often. Only about once every three months or so, but they do happen. I can't find any commonality between the nights except the incidents themselves. The actual incidents aren't all that odd, but they truthfully make me a bit paranoid for days after.


What ominous thing have you experienced?