Yes, Lovelies, it's time again for Scary Things! This week, the theme is empty places that aren't so empty; a field, a stretch of road, a forest - that is, shall we say, "occupied". As usual, I'll get the ball rolling!

I moved to my western suburb of Denver about eight years ago, and at the time I was dating a very nice guy who had grown up in the area. One night, we were heading up to Boulder, and we took a back road he knew about, and that all the locals know about, honestly. As we were driving through the dark, I thought I saw a horse out in the field, and said something along the lines of "horsie!", because I am five. He immediately said "DON'T LOOK AT IT" in such a serious, and frankly frightened, tone of voice that I didn't, and stared at him instead. He proceeded to inform me that people on that road at night often saw "something that you think is a white horse at first, but it's not a horse. I don't know what the fuck it is, but it's not a horse, and it will follow you". Having grown up with similar stories (and having seen a freaking monster already anyway), I took his word and didn't ask more about it. Since then, the stories have continued to filter out about that place, and more than one murder victim has been dumped there, reinforcing its status as a "bad place".

What empty place have you known, that wasn't empty at all?