I've had much to whinge about in the last six or so months and I've whinged about most of it on GT. Things were really good for a lot of 2013. Then Fall came and everything somehow or another went to shit. The nasty surprises continued into March or so. Little by little they have started to clear up.

-My FiL and niece's gf are recovering from horrible car accidents (different accidents).

-My niece married her gf!

-Work bullshit continues, but one shitty thing has supplanted a way shittier thing, so it's a net gain.

-Mr GV is no longer working a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad job. The depression lingers, but he's back in school and I think he's starting to bounce back.

-I'm pretty stable again and starting to beat diabetes back a little

-Finances are slightly less fucked, meaning I'm less underwater every month than I was


-My mother has set her sights on moving back to our hometown (2 hrs away from where I am now)

-My cat didn't die

There's still stuff that sucks, but I can deal for the most part now that the really awful stuff has receded. It won't last because life isn't static and bad shit happens, but I'm appreciating the relative calm for now.