Because things have been getting better, I feel the need to celebrate the little things that have brought joy to my life in the last few weeks.

- These Merona goat socks. I covet all of the men's socks at Target right now. These are particularly awesome. Thankfully, my feet are big enough for them.

- Protein Shakes. This cannot be that for you since they taste like dessert and are sweetened with stevia and god knows what else. I've been drinking them a lot post-workouts and haven't craved any objectively worse desserts in a week.

- Roasted brussel sprouts. Advisory: Do not eat a pound in one sitting if you plan to leave the house for a few hours.

- Dragon Age: Inquisition - obviously the best. I just finished it (almost 100%, except for some missing mosaic pieces), and will promptly replay it as a gay, elvin mage so that I can seduce the hipster pants off of Dorian.


- Beating the shit out of my friends round after round in a card game called SET. Winning feels nice. Recognizing your gifts (visual perception?) also feels nice.

- Family/friends/cats blah blah blah. Except, does anyone want a deaf, very noisy 19-year-old Siamese who craves the very thing that will send her to the grave. Old Girl is getting weirdly aggressive about chicken.

What has brought joy to your life lately?