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Because this kind of cuteness just has to be shared...

Today's cutest story ever: My friend's three-year-old ran into the kitchen crying while simultaneously jumping and twisting her body around, and when my friend asked her what was wrong, she wailed, "Mommy, I can't fly! I'll never be a superhero!" Even cuter: What finally calmed her down was the decision that she could still be a panda bear, because she knows how to sit in trees. How is that much adorableness possible in one package?

Today's second cutest story ever (well, I saw it for the first time today—that counts, right?) goes to Misha Collins (Castiel on Supernatural) for this ridiculously charming and utterly lovely recounting of his proposal to his wife, which includes him tearing up twice and getting embarrassed about it both times. It's a crappy quality video and it cuts out a few times (shot at a con with dedicated security, apparently), but if you can watch it without getting a little misty YOU HAVE NO SOUL. The proposal bit starts about 2:27, but it's all pretty fucking cute.

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