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Because This Week Had To Get Worse

I'm sick now. Greeeeeat.

No fever (as far as I can tell), just a super stuffy nose, sore throat/chest and cough. And my eyes are all sorts of watery. I wouldn't even care that much except I have work today! YAY! A 7 hour shift in a freezing cold gym. And because I work part time in NYC, there's no such thing as "sick days" so unless I can find someone to cover for me in the next hour, I have to go in.

I was supposed to go to a party tonight but lolnope. I'm just gonna pick up a bottle of whiskey, stay home and watch horror movies all night. A shot of Johnnie Walker will kill whatever is making you sick.


I just feel so shitty. I just want to hide under the blankets. *sigh.

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