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Welcome back to Scary Things! All this month Scary Things is part of the Trick or Treat tag, which is your handy-dandy way of finding random Halloween-ish stuff! Some of it is funny, some of it is terrifying - enjoy!


This week I want to hear about your encounters with people that were...maybe not people. By that I mean one or more people you have run across in your life (or that a friend has) that honestly is so not-right that they really seem like an alien, disguised monster, or interdimensional tourist. As usual, I will get the ball rolling!

This story is brief, and in fact happened to a couple friends of mine (I have a story that would fit easily, but it was more hilarious than creepy). They were on a road trip, and were just driving along in the middle of the night someplace super-exciting like Kansas. They suddenly realized that there was a car keeping even with them in the lane next to them, and they looked over to see whether or not they should be worried; they were assuming it was just some jackass, but it's always good when driving through dark rural stretches to make sure that the car pacing you doesn't contain, say, a spree killer.

When they looked over, they saw a relatively modern car, but inside it was a family that appeared to have been teleported from the mid-50's. They were in color, but otherwise looked just like they belonged on an episode of Ozzie and Harriet - Mom, Dad, and two boys. They were all staring straight ahead, utterly expressionless and unmoving. My friends said they actually couldn't even see the Dad's hands on the steering wheel or his arms moving. My friends kinda freaked out, sped up, and pulled into a truck stop. They don't know what happened to the car.

What possible - visitors - have you seen?

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