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Because You Definitely Didn't Expect That Place To Be Haunted

Welcome back to Scary Things!

This week, we're talking about the least-likely haunting you ever heard of. Basically some place that you just would not expect to even be particularly creepy, much less remarkably so. As usual, I'll get the ball rolling!

For the vast majority of the past twenty-two years, I have been in the restaurant industry, primarily as a bartender and server. For two non-consecutive years, however, I was a porn shop clerk. I did not work at some cute little smut boutique; I worked at an old-fashioned porn shop with video arcades and everything. It had been there for longer than I had been alive, and the converted house it was in was really old.


It was haunted.

Much of it was corner-of-the-eye weirdness, but there were also voices. During my first stint there, we weren't open twenty-four hours a day as we were later, and one morning when I was getting ready to open, I heard a man and a woman talking about something I couldn't quite make out. I assumed the VCRs had been left running, and went to check. No video equipment had power, and I was alone in the building. I distinctly heard these voices at the top of the staircase to the Creepy Basement, where we had a bunch of video booths. Off and on, I heard voices during both of my stints there. Usually a man and woman talking, but sometimes just a man. You could never quite make out the words, but you could distinctly hear voices. Once, when I was getting ready to open I heard steps come thundering up the basement stairs, which were hollow and wooden - I'm not talking creaks, but booming steps that literally sounded like a large man running up those stairs full-tilt. I came running out of the office with the tear gas and baseball bat, ready for battle, only to find that there was nobody there. The locks were still secure, and I was utterly alone in the building.

What's your favorite unlikely haunting?


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