Hello, lovelies! Welcome back to Scary Things! This week, I want to hear about your real-life Poltergeist scenarios, by which I mean you find out that homes or businesses are built or going to be built in a place that's just Not Right. Actual poltergeist activity is not necessary! As usual, I will begin.

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a customer recently. He was talking about new housing developments going in not far from where I work, and he mentioned that a huge development is going in right in that horrible place I told you about a few weeks back. This area has been considered "wrong" for as long as anyone can remember, and a recent extra-awful murder resulted in the victim's body being dumped there. Also, as I mentioned before, more than one body has been dumped there - I imagine that won't be in the brochures, but I freely admit I wouldn't want to live there. Growing up in Aurora for part of my youth, I had an amazing number of friends whose houses had been built on the site of Native American burials (you would occasionally see digs in the middle of halted construction projects), and most of them found out long after they decided that their house was creepy as fuck. Most didn't have overt hauntings, but they all felt...icky. Just wrong. Finding out resting places had been disturbed made all too much sense.

I can't help but wonder; what will these new houses feel like?