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Because You Weren't In Two Places At Once

Welcome back to Scary Things! As forewarned, the rest of the month will be a bit mild, as there are notions for making October extra-scary - but that doesn't mean that posts won't be scary at all!

This week, I'm curious about doppelganger stories; not just someone who kinda resembles someone you know at a distance, but for-real, creepy, that-person-can't-have-been-here stuff. As usual, I shall get the ball rolling.


When I was a teenager, I had what we referred to as my "ghost", although damned if I know what she was. The first time she showed up, a friend of mine was sleeping over, and I was in the bathroom in my hot-pink sleepshirt brushing my teeth. I heard my friend say something, but I couldn't make it out. I finished up and went to my room. She rolled over, looked confused, and said "wait, you're not wearing white!". Apparently she had been laying down and relaxing while she waited for the bathroom. She rolled over to face the door of my room, and a young woman who somewhat resembled me (although she said that upon reflection, she actually looked a bit different) wearing a long white gown of some sort walked in the room and stared at her for a moment before walking back out. My friend thought I was messing with her, and when I had heard her voice, it was her telling "me" to "cut it out". Weirdly, although a little unsettling, the incident didn't actually scare my friend. Over the course of the next five or six years, multiple people reported very similar encounters with a young woman in white who they initially assumed was me. I have no idea what or who she might be.

what's your creepiest doppelganger story?

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