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"Because you're a woman." (An inquiry and a drug story.)

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I was having a conversation today with my partner about Lindy's article. (You know, the mushrooms and the severed penis one.) He said, "Yeah, that does happen," when I told him about the story. Apparently this penis-ripping-off behavior is not surprising? Not saying it's common, just not surprising. He also said that, in his opinion, the reason some men do this while tripping has to do with sex and the fear of sex. I've never thought about it so I don't have an opinion on that one.


Anyway, we kept talking and he said something about how mushrooms make him horny as all get-out, and I responded that sex on mushrooms would be terrifying for me and nothing I would ever want to experience.

(Here's the point, kinda, sorry.) And he said, "I imagine it would be different for women."



To me, this basically translates to "you feel this way because you're a woman."

I hate that phrase, and the sentiment behind it. Why couldn't he tie it to something about me personally, as opposed to this thing that I happen to be? I don't like sex on any drug (except one, and it's not the one you think) and I believe this has nothing to do with my being a woman. I mean, really. Sometimes I just want my idiosyncrasies to be attributed to my individuality instead of my gender, but whatever. I replied, "That's just me, though. I think that probably not all women have the same reaction to psychedelics."


This whole exchange made me wonder: is there a question or a statement that can be met with "Well, because you're a woman" (or similar variations) without it being an asshole response, or without it provoking anger of some kind? I am having a hard time thinking of any. ("Why can't I vote?" "Because you're a woman." <——Not that kind.) I'd love to know if anyone can think of any.

A brief aside.... I don't know if anyone here has any experience with psychedelic communities, but they are almost as bad as gamer/skeptic communities on the sexism front.

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