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Becky, It Didn't Have To Be This Way

But here we are.

Becky is still trying it y’all.

More than anything, I just don’t understand her logic. If someone reduced me to tears I would just stay away from them. This was not her thought.


So there was a misunderstanding between me and a customer about their order. Becky once again in front of a bunch of customers rudely tells me I screwed up the customers order. I find them and in fact the customer apologizes to me, because she realized that she wasn’t clear about whether or not she wanted the item in question. I still apologize and offer to put the missing item into the kitchen and she can take it home free of charge. She refuses, she doesn’t want it again, but thank you for being so attentive.

So I go back to the kitchen to only to hear becky telling my manager the following


“ Martha didn’t put in the correct order for this customer. She screwed it up. they don’t want it anymore and they weren’t charged for it, but she didn’t put it in when they ordered it. She messed it up”



Becky, girl listen.

I’m a black girl in the deep south who went to all white private schools her whole life, including college. I know how this game is played. And if this is your opening gambit on the board, let me tell you, it’s weak as fuck. You out here thinking you the Queen of Katwe, when you really just a backwater bitch.


I have defeated more formidable mean girls than you. I reduced you to tears without even trying, imagine what I could do if i put a tenth of energy to it. You made your choices and now you have to live with them.We all gotta grow up sometime.

Now everytime someone dumps out in the bathroom, you’re going to clean it. Every minor and minimal task you perform will be looked at and considered carefully and if you have to perform them multiple times well it will be for quality assurance. And although I’ve never said anything, I thinks it’s so great that you’re so confident that you can wear bright blue eyeshadow with a bright red lip. And they way you apply the lipstick, all over your mouth is really different.


And to be honest, I probably still would’ve let this go, but then I found out you misgendered a trans woman, on purpose, continued to call her he after she corrected you. and then, even when our coworker corrected and educated you, you still tried to tell her she couldn’t use the women’s bathroom.

So now I’m going to teach you and you are going to learn.

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