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My boyfriend and I signed a lease on our "Dream House" yesterday. We're beyond excited — but also extremely nervous!

I've never lived with a significant other, and neither has he. His parents were thrilled by the news, while mine were less than enthused. (I think that has a lot to do with being the "eldest daughter," as dudes seem to have less backlash from their folks on matters like this. Boyfriend summed it up quite eloquently: "You basically just told your parents, 'Hey! We're fucking!'")

Parental enthusiasm aside, we are stoked — and that's what matters.

Since I've never done this before, and especially since the Internet is littered with "moving in with your boyfriend" search results that come from religious websites — "Cohabitating prevents you from finding the husband God has picked out for you!" — I figured I'd come here for some hive mind advice. What have you learned since cohabitating with your significant other? What's been the best part? The worst?


I'm a serial planner, and my boyfriend is super planning inept. He's a little overwhelmed that I'm already pricing out furniture and looking at Internet plans, but we move in at the end of the month! I'd like to get as many ducks in a row before all this happens. (In boyfriend's defense, I do go overboard when it comes to things like this.) Guess this is the first little roadblock. Aughhh!

We're also going to be blending our cat families together. My cat is five, and hsi is just 10 weeks old. I assume that won't be too hard — will it?

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