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I’ve decided how to best treat myself after busy season settles down, a brand new bed!

I don’t think I’ve ever purchased new bed or mattress. I know this is horrible, but I think I’m sleeping on the same bed I had as a teenager. Even worse, since I have IH I’m actually supposed to sleep at least 9-12 hours, even though I don’t unless it’s the weekend and I have no plans. Oops.


Sorry vacation, one day I will take one. Now, tell me all you know about beds! What’s the best bed you’ve ever slept on? Did you ever have a water bed? I’m definitely not thinking of one, but my parents had one when I was a kid, and I remember that bed being really fun to try to jump on.

Or just tell me some of your bedtime quirks, because people have really weird bedtime rituals.

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