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Bed Bug Saga: Day Seventeen

Today was a bad day. Just to give y’all a heads up.

Mr. PKB made me take a Xanax last night so I could calm down and actually sleep. It worked! I slept well. He woke up for work around 7am and I got up shortly thereafter. I immediately (and methodically, and carefully) stripped the mattress and looked for bugs.

I found one. Still juvenile, crawling away from us on the side of the mattress. It was clearly under the sheet. This was confusing, because we had inspected the mattress and box spring four times the day before and surrounded it with DE, so any interloper should’ve been wasted by desiccation.


While we are examining the mattress, I realize that two of the corners of the enclosure were not sewn in properly. FUCK ALL THINGS. We divide and conquer: tape closed those corners, Mr. PKB is taking bedding the the laundromat to throw in the dryer, I’m going to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get a new enclosure that is not defective. Then, I get an email.

My uncle died this morning.

So my brain turns off. I text my coworker that I’ll be late (she’s not in until a couple hours later—no one would know that I was late but, you know, I’m responsible) and go to BBB in a daze. Where I sob at the customer service counter because at first they can only give me half price on a new one. (Their policy is to give full returns for the actual product, which doesn’t fucking work with bedbugs.) Then they get freaked out and give me a new, non-defective enclosure.

And I go to work. And periodically cry. Which is thankfully not a problem at my job.

Ten minutes before the end of my shift, Mr. PKB calls me. Landlady wants to enter our apartment to see the things that have to be repaired and she’s not willing to wait. I book the fuck out of my job (which is thankfully close by, as of three weeks ago) and arrive just in time to let her in. THE SECOND I MENTION BEDBUGS (she asked about the DE on the floor), she changes the subject and books the fuck out.

And I don’t care as much because my uncle is dead and I’m very, very sad.

Fuck this week. Fuck today. I’m thankful for the kindness my bosses and colleagues, for the UPS guy and BBB woman who said they’d pray for the family, and for Mr. PKB’s love and comfort. But also fuck the hell out of this week.

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