So at school this morning, my kids were sitting on the carpet, listening to a story, when a kid called out "There's a bug."

The Special Needs Assistant happened to be in the room, and got there first. She looked down, and then looked back up at me and said "I think it's a bedbug."

Of course half the class had to rush over to look at it, and one kid yelled out "I'll kill it!."

I'm like "No, don't! " as I rush to get a cup and a piece of paper. As far as I know, we haven't had bedbugs in the school before, and I wanted to catch this thing rather than have it squashed flat, so the species can be confirmed, and the right steps taken.

So I get it, but I don't know what I'm looking at, because I've never seen bedbugs before. I tape the paper to the cup so it can't escape, at a lunch, I take it down to the office. The Secretary says she'll keep it and show it to the Head Caretaker for me.

So after school I touch base with the Secretary and she tells me that the Head Caretaker said he would have to consult his supervisor to find out what to do, as he's never had to deal with them before.

I'm really hoping that it just hitched a ride to school on one of the kids today, and my classroom is not infested. Most of our kids live in aging apartment buildings, so it's no surprise that at least some of them have bedbugs.