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Bedroom configurations help plz!

We are closing on our very first HOUSE!!!!!’

(Internally screaming, having a panic attack, also extremely happy all at once)

It’s a cape style house, so two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom down. We aren’t planning on kids for another few (two, maybe?) years. So, that doesn’t need to be taken into account yet, I think.


The downstairs bedroom is about 8 by 10 with one closet. I want the first floor bedroom so I can ease into house living- we’ve lived in this tiny three room apartment in a multi family for four years and it doesn’t even have doors in the apt (besides bathroom, cuz lol) and I am very prone to nighttime anxiety as it is. We're moving from living on a main road to a side street, end of the street, and I know it's gonna freak me out for a bit. Also I get up to pee at last once a night.

We have a queen bed, no headboard, and one dresser. Mr Carbs plans on using one of the extra closets upstairs (there’s three up there). So can we do it ???? I know it will be a tight squeeze but we’re used to it and frankly I like it. I like feeling cozy and contained and safe.

Any other suggestions regarding homes and room configurations are welcomed!!!! Thank you!!

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