Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Once a week or so, I get totally scrambled by a news cycle and so yesterday has my brain all full of bees and nothing useful.

Stray thoughts:

  1. I am so outraged at the right trying to act like Democratic opposition/dissent/vitriol is somehow the same as violence, never once mentioning right wing violence that is also happening (I mean, has anyone on the right brought up the fucking Pizzagate shooting even?). I am trying to stop being so outraged by hypocrisy. It’s blatant and it’s constant and it’s unrelenting, yet I still can’t stop being at a low boil. I don’t approve of my liberal compatriots sending threats to members of Congress, as they are saying is happening. But I am certainly not about to roll over so the Democrats take the high road and let the Republicans send threats and say “second amendment people” and all that. I’m sorry. It’s politicized. I am politicized. I’m sorry. I can’t erase it. I don’t want anyone threatened but if you, Republicans, don’t recognize your own complicity in the environment we’re in, I won’t stand by you.
  2. I have been trying to suppress a lot of feelings about Steve Scalise. I want him to make a full recovery. I wish he wasn’t shot. I also wish he wasn’t in Congress. The bottom line is that my wish that he wasn’t in Congress is set EQUAL TO or maybe ABOVE my thoughts on his recovery. I am alarmed at how hardened my humanity has become. Am I turning into Trump? Heartless and constantly looking at “but how does this affect me” before anything else?
  3. Don’t get too excited about this obstruction investigation on Trump. I mean, it’s good. Get excited. But the president is not like one of us; if the FBI recommends he be prosecuted, Congress has to do it. Mueller and folk will not find a bunch of evidence and tell the world “yes he is guilty.” They will find a bunch of evidence and say “we believe there is sufficient evidence to bring charges.” And then it’s out of their hands, other than testifying and supplying the evidence.

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