Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I live in the basement apartment in a 5 family house. I'm pretty quiet and keep to myself. Even though I have lived here for a long time, I don't really interact with my neighbors. And the door to my apartment is separated from the other apartments.

Basically last night, about 12;30 some teenager knocked on my door. I asked my mother to answer the door because I thought it was her friend. But when she opened the door, it was this teenager saying that someone was chasing him. But my mom said his demeanor didn't match what he was saying. So it kind of freaked me out.


I guess what makes feel so scary is that, the worst moment in my life, my sexual assault happened because I opened the door to this apartment and let in a guy that I didn't want to see anymore. This whole thing might just be a simple prank or whatever but it makes me just helpless and scared.

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