Hello beautiful Groupthinkers, wow has it been ages since I've been on here. Maybe a little over a year. But it's great to be back! I went to treatment for untreated alcoholism and I have to say, my life hasn't been this happy in years. YEARS. I was on a downward spiral to a slow death, and that, plus aggravated depression was really doing me in. The book, Drinking: A Love Story was what made me gain the courage to ask for help. In a nutshell, the author's story was my story. She was me. I was her. It was incredibly insightful, I cried, but felt a weight lift off of me. I've learned so, SO, SO much about how my thyroid, and depression led me to self medicate for a few years until it became a steady decline into my life becoming totally unmanageable.

I'm beyond grateful to the therapists that have helped me come this far and look forward to my continued sunny days in sobriety. I'm steadily receiving freelance design jobs (got my third logo project this month woo!) to get back into my career, and am volunteering at the BEST place - an equine therapy farm where I teach autistic kids how to ride, (horses have been my passion since I was 4). My life hasn't felt this full and rewarding for what seems like ever, but I have met some of the strongest women along the way that continue to inspire me daily.

You guys have also been a shoulder to lean on during tough times. So I thank you, my lovely Jezzies!

Oh, and I had some awesome sober sex last night with a walking Ken doll, the type I usually never go for but I made you women proud! Here's to safe, sober fire-hot passionate sex!

P.P.S. Guys, get the Vesper toy. DO IT. And it's pretty too and very James Bondish!