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My mother thought going to the beach for a few days in Maine, in December, would be a good idea. The town had activities for the weekend.

Friday we dropped off GF and BF at the vets a few miles from where we stayed. We were going to a concert that night but after walking downtown to eat. Well let’s see.

I thought with ocean temperature above 40 it would bring warmer air in form of a breeze then further inland. Not true. The breeze from the ocean in December is so cutting against the skin. Ugh. Horrble feeling. I was wearing a down coat, gloves, jeans and wool hat. My mother the same. Wind cut through us. We skipped walking to concert two blocks down.


Saturday a block down was a morning bazaar. We thought bazaar would be books, junk table and of course a bake table. Nope. Only lonely row of craft tables of 8 craft dealers. One had a table of plate warmers. They were frames with inside of all wine corks. I swear any jr high schooler could have sone the same. Oh $26 for a frame with wine corks. This is what they looked like.

Sunday we changed motels and went out to eat. We also went to an outdoor fleamarket about ten miles inland. It was warmer. There were a dozen dealers. More then we thought. We also went shopping. Then we went out and ate. I got eggs and blueberry pancakes.

Monday we picked GF and BF up for a little while. GF refused to eat. The people at vets/pet boarders did say she ate for them. We went out to eat and I got mac and cheese


Tuesday. Shit hit the fan. We picked them up. We were told GF refused to eat. So my mother went to grocery store and bought a can of low sodium chicken soup. She refused. So my mother went to Chinese restaurant for wwhite rice. GF refused that. We brought them back. The woman there they would try.

Well two hours later we got a phone call in the room. GF had vomited and had diarehha. The vet called to say they ran a blood test. It was pancreatitis.


We were going to stay until Thursday. She talked to the vet and asked if we could pick them up today. He said that would be fine.

Today. Vet called the room. BF had diarreha. So we spent two hours getting home. They both ate a lot when we got home.. BF had all liquid poops.I can never recall him ever having diarrhea. Never. BF has always been so healthy GF a bit delicate.


Tomorrow the vet for both. Anyone deal with pancreatitis. The vet said its not that serious just watch her diet closely but to take her to our vet.

BF and GF both believe Maine sucks. I do not think so, except for Governor LePage I always liked Mainers except for those who vote Lepage.


It was not a bad trip. Good food. Did read a fascinating article. Found it online and will share it tonight.

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