My mother’s friend she is over for a few days prior to that we spent a week getting the house clean. So I also been spending time on Legendary, Game of Heroes on my ipad. Upside both have kept me from the news.

Oh if you play or will play the game I am Guild Snowbunny as the Lady Becky Serene. The game gives you a name and I hit ok because a) I was not paying attention and b) I assumed ok meant “change your name”. I like the name now and will use it again.

One thing I despise about ipad games is ads and the gambling. I have little problem buying videogames but to me spending not on a game but gems or other items on a chance you will get good stuff, no. Yes getting gems for free is time consuming but I have an excellent team. Do not start me on Marvel Puzzle Quest I tried and its near impossible to get anywhere without spending money on a chance for a decent character, I gave up.


I would rather spend $30 and have certain characters time locked or as unlockables based on winning not spend money. I figured I would spend far more then 30 dollars for the Marvel game. So no. I stopped.

I will post more after company leaves.