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Been thinking about GT, the prickliness lately, and a suggestion. Maybe. Don't kill me.

There's a lot of talk about this being our not-so-safe-space, and truly, watching some of the friendships bloom and generosity flourish makes me all fuzzy and happy to be part of the best part of GM. But it's getting kind of weird in here, guys. I don't know what's up, but the tone seems to be, I don't know how to say it, just not welcoming. Or friendly. Or inclusive. Some/none/all of those things? I don't know. It's just weird.

I'm not going to link to a bunch of stuff that was obviously meant to be mainpaged but just got everyone here all stirred up, or got all sideways from a completely innocuous starting point, or call out any set of behaviors or whatnot, because it doesn't even seem to be any set of behaviors or actions or posts. It's like the general tone of the space is shifting somehow. And that's cool, we're dynamic mofo's to be sure, our "space" should be as well.


I'm going to suggest something that, I dunno, let's talk about it, let's see if there's any point to this... I've recently noticed a poster that has frequently shares her "important" stuff from her own kinja instead of directly to GT. And I think it's probably brilliant.

First, she readily knows where her mainpage-worthy things are hanging out. If she wants to be mainpaged sharing to GT and Crosstalk obviously ups the visibility, and of course gives us the chance to delve in if we feel like it. More than that, it helps people that want the mainpage build their brand, and that's sweet, sweet action.


But it also keeps it just a little bit separated. So if you know you're being a little mainpage/click-baity in a post and the shit hits the fan, it hits the fan over in your space, rather than our "safe-ish" community space. It might even hit the fan without feeling like you're calling another poster out - it's just something you want to talk about in a general way. A general way that doesn't end up opening old wounds/posts/discord on the main GT sidebar.

And maybe a way to bring GT back* to just our kind of chill zone? Where by default we go not to be important? And where maybe "your brand" doesn't make you one of the cool kids - you're just another commenter who found a sweet gif or needs to vent about their cat's mom or whatever?



*I realize a lot of newer GT'er's won't recognize that this is how GT started, or was - and I'm not trying to be one of those "well in MY commenting days..." people either. I also realize many of you do the IRC thing, but I'm not cool enough or focused enough for that, I'm in and out a zillion times a day, rather than sitting down and committed for stretches.



In talking about some "ready to MP" posts, I've realized that it looked like I was calling certain posters out and probably sounded like I'm sitting here going "oh, that so & so, thinking he's going to get MP'd," or disparaging the more serious posts in general. I REALLY CANNOT REITERATE THIS ENOUGH: I AM NOT. I read and star and comment and learn on those posts, and I love them. The elevated discourse has always made GT more fun than just about anywhere else. And I mean that - not like cat-gif fun (can be that too) but "you stretched my understanding of something" fun. Brain fun.


All I've been trying to sort of figure out is if we're turning GT into Mainpage.2.0 and if that's a problem, or if that's what GT just is now.

I don't want y'all to stop sharing those longform pieces, because they're GOOD.

But I am DEEPLY sorry that I (as usual) didn't make my feelings clearer and stepped in it instead. :(

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