I enjoy Rachel Oates videos an extremely analytical thinker and very entertaning to listen to. This video from yesterday I feel sorrow and anger.

Its a long video at 28 minutes but once you start she pulls you in. Its a personal story. She talks about her life and how an incident changed her life. On one level its a nice story then it goes so off the rails bad.

She said as a teen how alone she felt with few friends and my understanding trouble at home. There was a teacher who was 24 and he started to talk to her and guide her. Nothing sexual he literally was a nice guy. She connected with him.

She says how when he left to teach at University they stayed in touch via internet. Oh he was married.

He sort of crossed the line by saying she deserves someone who will love her for who she is. I suspect he was encouraging her to see herself as special not as a random student like she defines herself.

He suddenly cut off all contact. Then a few months later wrote an email. This is where I am angry. Someone pretended to be Rachel and wrote to his wife they were having an affair. She was still in high school.


They never communicated again. Understandable. She never found out who and this is where how cruel this person was. Rachel said she never wants to have any contact with those she went to school with in that town. Due to she does not know who did this. She also says she hates going back home.

For what? The longterm distrust, a friendship shattered, a marriage that could have ended? For kicks? Revenge? Most likely just enjoys creating a shitstorm.

Let me stress there are many folks who just like to create shitstorms then sit back and enjoy the hell they created for people.


Makes me look back at my High School life. I thank god I befriended no teachers especially the Brothers for obvious reasons (some.were molesting). Yet the lay teachers I sometimes think there was one I think later on we could have been friends. I hated him in high school, see The Goldbergs and the gym coach a clone but cynical. We met in college when we were both going for a Masters and I found that I liked him and could see where he was coming from.

This video also makes me realize Rachel and I have something in common. I too really never wanted no contact with our high school classmates. I had lumch with one a few years ago and that was it. I cannot answer why so do not ask. I liked high school but once I left I never wanted to see them again. Yet I have no animosity.

Sometimes videos like this are so important. They can a) open a window on who a person is, b) theraputic for the maker and c) makes the viewer reflect on their own experiences.


I am going to comment to Rachel that I discussed her video here and if she wants it removed I will.

I do think if her teacher friend watches her videos he must be very proud of her. I bet he does watch. She ultimately should be proud of herself and the confidence, analytical skills and having confidence to share something so painful seems such a far cry with how she described herself as younger. She is 24.